"My Goal is to Make You Sound Great!"

- SK Naquib (CEO)

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We sell & rent out premium musical instruments, such as Saxophone, Trumpet, Clarinet, Flute, Trombone, Tuba, French Horn, Drums and many more.

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Sheikh Abdus Samad was born in Bikrampur, had an inspiration to do business which's nontraditional at that era, had outstanding business relations with defense and military forces, who needed to play brass and percussion instruments in national parades accompanying the British colonials, Samad started to supply drums to the forces, slowly building up the essential block of business where customers would return for repair and servicing such instruments, as they wear off, which he had provided solutions from his very first workshop.

...Harmonizing the Service Provider & Receiver

Before writing few words about National Music House (NMH) I feel obligation to write a citation on Hedaytul Islam Babul who’s relentless effort and technological adoption moved forwarded NMH to its present level. Alas; before making skilled craftsman and producing high standard Marching Band Instruments he left us and his devoted workshop in the year, 2012.

He spent lion portion of his income on visiting different musical instrument Producers Company like prof. Orsi Romio, (Italy), Salmer, (France), Buffet crompe (paris),Conn & selmer ( USA) etc., also Imported machineries from Germany to make finest slide Trombones, Cornets and Trumpetsand went to Spain just to buy special kind of bamboo(cane) to make reed which is used to play wind instruments.

After the death of Mr. Babul, his son SK Naquib has been running the show but his technique is different from his father. Keeping contact and making relation with major producers of world class instruments, at the same time making the western instruments popular among the music craze youth; he has given different momentum and shape to NMH.

Today, Percussion, wind instruments, marching band items are not only used in armed forces but Nakib has made these instruments available and popular among few educational institutions, small or big Band groups also in some meditation centers like QUANTUM FOUNDATION

Pak Music House was been set up at Sadarghat by SK Abdus Samad in the year 1947, was renamed, NMH by his son Hedaytul Islam Babul. Now the company has been taken to international stage by SK Nakib, grand son of Sk  Samad, through dynamic thought and harmonizing the service provider & service receiver

Maj Kazi Emdadul Haque (Retd.)
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